It is difficult to find a country today that doesn’t place a strong emphasis on developing a Sports Nation. Except for very low-privilege countries and those with limited resources, almost all countries have some kind of program or initiative that helps them to become one. What exactly is a Sports Nation? What do different countries do to achieve this status? Does it make sense for national policy to ensure that sports play a significant role in society? These are just some of the questions that we will be asking as we discover the nature of a Sports Nation.

Every aspiring Sports Nation has a secret agenda. It is to create a healthier nation. As they age and grow, healthy people are less expensive to care for. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and active living is one way to address the growing health care costs and higher life expectancy. The majority of health care costs in countries considered welfare states like Australia, Britain and France are funded by the government. As the country’s health care costs have risen dramatically or will continue to rise, this could be a major burden. The health care costs have exploded exponentially since 1965.

The problem for governments around the world is that this geometric rise has resulted in a significant increase in population. The global population will reach 9 billion by 2020, according to forecasts. How can governments meet such a pressing need to support their citizens? This issue can be addressed by establishing a Sports Nation. It is important to keep people healthy and strong, and to prevent illnesses and other diseases from spreading. This will allow us all to reduce our health care costs.

Sports Nations must be promoted more and have a positive image. China was the overall winner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in terms Gold Medals. This is a sign of China’s rise to the top of the world order. China, as a Sports Nation has created a lasting image and agen sbo public attention that will last a lifetime. This positive image has had ripple effects on other countries around the globe. People now see many things differently about China because of the Sports Nation image. The sports training system has become the hottest trend in the world. The popularity of its sports equipment and products has increased dramatically. Chinese athletes became role models. The country receives a boost in the arm and overall health has improved. Sports Nations is a great way to excite and promote people from all around the globe.

Not only do they boost the image of a country and reduce health care costs, but they also generate revenue for that country. As the world moves towards a more sporting world, countries that become Sports Nations are able to host international games, conferences, training tours, camps and even investments for companies making sports goods and services. Think about the South African building of stadia for the World Cup. These events will bring in billions more than the billions that have been invested. It is not surprising that countries all over the globe try to become Sports Nations, despite the fact that they do not have the same features as Sports Nations.

A Sports Nation has a lot of programs and facilities that are available for athletes. The lifestyle and infrastructure of established, successful Sports Nations give the impression that they are home to active and healthy people. Stadia are symbols and monuments of progress. Parks and running routes are easily accessible for all, and advertising campaigns are flooded with sports publicity. Families are able to engage in sport wholeheartedly and holistically. These countries also have a lot to offer in the way of government support and initiatives in relation to resource allocation. The entire nation lives in the spirit of sport. It is no surprise that the standard for living in a Sports Nation can be extremely high because of all of these. Sports offer people a better way of living. You can see the success of countries like Australia, New Zealand and Germany as well as America and China. There is an air of freshness and peace that is evident in people’s desire to migrate and visit these countries.

Sports nations are attractive destinations that allow people to thrive. These nations have lower health care costs, improve the public image of the country and generate revenue. They also allow for high living standards. All of these are very good reasons for nations to work towards becoming one. It will eventually happen but it may not be easy because of the many obstacles that countries face when they become Sports Nations.

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